Clinics and Services

If you would like an appointment for any of the clinics and services listed below, please visit our Consulting Room.

We have a team of practice nurses and healthcare assistants, as well as phlebotomists who can provide a wide range of services from dressings and vaccinations to chronic disease management, as well as treatment of minor injuries.

Childhood immunisations

Clinics are held on a weekly basis. Please remember to bring your child’s record book.

Travel vaccinations

If you are travelling abroad please make sure you contact us in plenty of time to arrange any vaccinations that may be necessary. To help the travel nurses assess your travel needs, it is important that they have received the Travel Risk Assessment form before your appointment.

Cervical smears

National guidelines recommend that all women between the ages of 25 and 65 years be called for cervical screening. Women between these ages will be recalled automatically. Please request an appointment with the nurse once you have received your invitation.

Chronic disease management

If you have been asked by the practice to submit an annual review, please visit our Health Review and Assessment Room.

Patients with conditions such as asthma, diabetes, coronary heart disease, COPD or hypertension will also be invited annually for a review as per national guidelines.

Minor surgery

We are able to undertake cryotherapy, joint injections, excisions, incisions and more.

Please request an appointment with your GP first, who will make the necessary arrangements if required.

Family planning clinic

Patients who are taking the oral contraceptive pill should be followed up annually to have a review of their health, weight and blood pressure. Please complete our online Contraceptive Pill Review form.

At this time advice can also be given with regards to other contraceptive methods such as a contraceptive implant or coil.

Antenatal/Postnatal clinics

These appointments are run by the midwife.

Smoking cessation

You may request an appointment to see Debbie Rouse, our healthcare assistant. Debbie is a qualified smoking cessation advisor and will be happy to help you on your journey to being smoke free.

Alternatively, please use our Self Referrals triage or visit our Wellbeing Centre for more services.


There are clinics run every day by members of the nursing team who have been trained in taking bloods. If you would like to request results, please use our Test Results triage.

C-Card scheme

This is a scheme that issues free condoms to patients aged up to 24 years old. You will need to see a member of the nursing team to sign up for the service.

The practice nursing team can be contacted by telephoning the practice and selecting option 3.