Vision Statement

We have a vision for the Beaches Medical Centre to be a well led, pro-active, respectful and patient focussed organisation. We want our Practice to have a unique identity and for it to be at the heart of the community. We commit to providing clear communication to staff, patients and wider stakeholders. We will utilise our resources in the most effective and efficient manner to maximise the resource available for the delivery of patient care. We will be mindful of the environment, developing and delivering our services in as sustainable way as is practicable.

For our patients, we aim to provide high quality care in a safe, caring, open and honest, friendly and welcoming environment which is easy and convenient to access. We wish to deliver our services through a stable workforce, where continuity of care is maintained. We aim to deliver consistently good health outcomes through a well-trained and motivated workforce.

For our staff, we aim to develop and maintain a flexible and resilient organisation which they can be proud to work for. We wish to develop, in partnership with them, a working environment where our staff enjoy being at work. We will deliver high quality training to current and future staff, allowing them the opportunity to develop. We will support our teams to be cohesive and supportive of each other, ensuring opportunities for continuous improvement are part of our structure and culture.